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Posted in General Discussion on June 21st, 2009 by Michael Leibson – 8 Comments

When I first created, I had no idea how people would respond. For one thing, the site is obviously addressed to a very small audience — experienced musicians with an interest in how music works, and at least some ability (and patience!) to navigate the jargon of music theory.

To my surprise and delight, I’ve since been hearing from visitors from all over the world, who have conveyed their own passion for the inner workings of music, with an enthusiasm that easily matches my own. While writing the site’s articles has been a creative pleasure for me, seeing its ideas resonate among kindred spirits is a joy that I hadn’t anticipated. It’s a sign — more, an affirmation — of a very special kind of community. It’s in acknowledgement of that community that I’ve begun this discussion page.

I invite you to express your opinions about the site and its contents, to initiate or join discussions that may develop, or to just say hello. To do so, just click the little Comments link (above), and Leave a Reply : – )

All the best,

Michael Leibson